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The Importance of Regular Wellness Visits

Taking care of your health isn’t only a priority when you’re feeling sick. It’s important that you visit your provider on a regular basis to make sure that any issues Read More

What is an internist? - Part 2

Our Professional Identity Internal medicine physicians are the foundation of clinical care. We see every connection in the adult human body. Our expertise makes us vital to both patients and medical Read More

Why Nutrition Is Important For Overall Health

Nutrition is the foundation of your well-being because it provides your body with essential nutrients for optimal functioning. These nutrients include carbohydrates for energy (found in grains and fruits), proteins Read More

What is an Internist? - Part 1

If you don't know what an internist is, you are not alone. Most Americans don't know what an internist, officially a Doctor of Internal Medicine, does, according to a survey Read More

A Guide to Annual Check-ups: What to Expect and Why They Matter

Do you know why you should have an annual check-up? It turns out having an annual check-up is an easy way to help you stay healthy. Annual check-ups are preventive, Read More

Tips for Managing Stress

Tips for Managing Stress Everyone experiences stress at some point. Stress may be related to a temporary event, or it can become a chronic condition, leading to some serious health issues. Read More

Welcome to the Blog of Daniel Bendetowicz, MD.

We would like to welcome you to our blog. Here you will find informative and useful postings about health-related topics and our practice. At Daniel Bendetowicz, MD we believe that educated Read More

Viewing 1 - 7 out of 7 posts

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