Vaccines & Immunizations in Myers, FL

When it comes to health, a pound of prevention is worth more than a ton of cure. There are many preventative measures you can take, and vaccinations rank among the most potent. Getting the annual flu shot could prevent you from spending days in bed sick. If you would like to learn more about vaccines or have questions, it is smart to chat with a doctor. If you need vaccines and immunizations, and you live near Fort Myers, FL, come see Dr. Daniel Bendetowicz.

Why is Vaccination Important?

The body can fight off many diseases. However, fighting off viruses and other microbes is hard work. Over time, your body will learn how to fight off microbes, including viruses, like the influenza virus. With vaccines, your body can be trained to fight certain viruses.

Often, the viruses that vaccines help to fight and control the spread of are especially dangerous. Without vaccines, some deadly diseases, like smallpox, would be able to spread very quickly. With vaccines, we have been able to eliminate some diseases, like smallpox. Other diseases, while not eliminated, pose less of a threat.

Sometimes people will still get sick even if they have been vaccinated. However, the severity of the illness may be dramatically reduced. It is also less likely that you will suffer a serious medical complication.

Further, when a large portion of a population is vaccinated, it creates a form of indirect protection for those who cannot be vaccinated. This is called herd immunity, and it is crucial for safeguarding the health of certain individuals. Some folks with certain medical conditions, such as weakened immune systems or allergies, cannot take certain vaccines.  If you are in need of vaccines and immunizations, and you live in or around Fort Myers, FL, come see Dr. Bendetowicz.

Who to Talk To if You Have Questions About Vaccines

While adults usually are not required to take vaccines, the right vaccines could greatly mitigate risks and safeguard your health.

That said, you may have some questions or concerns about vaccinations. If so, it is wise to talk with a doctor. It is always smart to ask questions and to further your understanding. This is especially true with healthcare concerns. If you have questions about vaccines and immunizations, and you live in or near Fort Myers, FL, call (239) 985-1050 to reach Dr. Bendetowicz.

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