A Guide to Annual Check-ups: What to Expect and Why They Matter

Do you know why you should have an annual check-up? It turns out having an annual check-up is an easy way to help you stay healthy. Annual check-ups are preventive, to help protect your health. You shouldn’t wait until you get sick to see your provider.

What You Need To Know About Annual Check-Ups

When you visit your provider for your annual check-up, you can expect that they will:

  • Perform a comprehensive physical examination, including checking your weight, height, blood pressure, and pulse
  • Order any necessary lab work to check cholesterol and blood sugar levels
  • Order any necessary imaging studies to check for injuries and underlying structural issues
  • Refer you to other medical disciplines or specialists if necessary, including cardiology, immunology, pulmonology, and others

After a thorough check-up, your primary care provider may recommend treatments including:

  • Medications to control blood pressure, cholesterol, and other conditions
  • Vaccinations to protect you against the flu, pneumonia, shingles, COVID, and more
  • Dietary modifications to provide the right amount of nutrients and vitamins
  • Exercises to keep you fit, active, and strong
  • Stress reduction techniques to help calm your mind and body

So, why do annual check-ups matter? Annual check-ups allow your primary care provider and you to be proactive, not reactive about your health. Why wait until you experience unpleasant signs or symptoms to visit your provider?

Many medical conditions can sneak up on you, including diabetes and heart disease. A simple annual check-up can identify medical conditions early before they can weaken your body.

Your annual check-up is also an important opportunity for you to find out more about how to stay healthy, live long, and enjoy an active life, all from a medical expert you know and trust.

Want To Know More?

Annual check-ups are great for healthy people, but you may need to see your primary care provider more often as you age, or if you suffer from a chronic disease like diabetes, obesity, heart disease, asthma, COPD, and other serious conditions. To learn more about annual check-ups, what to expect, and why they matter, call your provider today.

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